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SOLO CELLO Music for String Ensemble
The following pieces are available as downloadable PDF's for $7.95 each. Secure transactions through PayPal. From final PayPal page, click on "Return to Merchant" or "Return to Eugene Friesen Music" for download. If you experience any difficulty please contact us.

CelloMan Blues
This is the first twelve bars - the "head" - that I play twice at the beginning and once at the end of my blues improv. This pizzicato "head" is one of many possible variations on a blues progression and my improv follows the 12-bar phrasing and progression.

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Church Rhythms
A skipping pizzicato pattern and chord progression in 9/8 time which places the cello in the center of a piece for diverse improvising instruments. Recording features TRE CORDA
Tim Ray, piano; Greg Hopkins, trumpet; Eugene on cello.

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Humpback Harmony
For effected cello (digital delay, chorus) and recording of humpback whale. Optional accompaniments for organ and/or string orchestra also available.

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Open 4
Written for younger players, this piece introduces the pentatonic scale as a basis for improvisation, as well as left hand pizzicato. Includes a letter from Eugene explaining the pentatonic scale and offering some suggested fingerings and ideas.
Shadow Play
A virtuosic concert piece showcasing Eugene's innnovative left hand pizzicato techniques, strumming and pull-offs. Suitable also with other improvising instruments (lead sheet can be found under SHEET MUSIC/FREE STUDY MATERIALS). The recorded version (from IN THE SHADE OF ANGELS) features pianist Tim Ray.

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Street Corner
From the repertoire of Trio Globo, this is a pizzicato-driven, syncopated pattern and progression in D major reminiscent of the Carribbean. Recording (from TRIO GLOBO) features Howard Levy on harmonica and Glen Velez on tambourine.

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Lead sheet includes piano pattern, chord symbols and melody. Recording features Paul Halley and Eugene from THE SONG OF RIVERS.
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Stained Glass Morning
Originally an improvisation in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, this contemplative piece from Missa Gaia/Earth Mass by the Paul Winter Consort is a dramatic 4-minute cello solo featuring unique use of natural harmonics.

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