Upcoming Workshops

June 21-24 - The Creative Cello Workshop with Jacob Szekely, Marta Roma, and David Haughey 

Come join a community of cellists exploring new ways of collaborating and using our instruments. Innovative rhythmic techniques, accompanying singers and other soloists, creating cello parts in a “band” setting, practicing for being a lead voice in an ensemble – these are issues demanding creative solutions for the contemporary cellist.

July 12-15 - Gypsy Jazz & Brazilian with Jason Anick 

Gypsy Jazz and Brazilian instrumental music are both GREAT repertoires for classically-trained players to begin to understand new styles and improvisational concepts.  

Jason Anick, violinist and mandolinist with the acclaimed "Rhythm Future Quartet," is on the faculty of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is very active on the international concert circuit. Jason is a classically-trained player who has forged an original improvisational style and knows how to communicate this innovative pathway.

August 23-26 - Your Rhythm, Your Life with Glen Velez and Loire Cotler 

Join Grammy-Award-winning master drummer Glen Velez, and "rhythm vocalist" Loire Cotler in this rare opportunity to expand your rhythmic awareness and project new dimensions of energy into your performance. Frame drummers, instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to join this special guided process of discovery into the  
inner world of flowing time and creative collaboration.

From Eugene:

"I love working with players who are making the transition from reading sheet music to creating their own music and unique repertoire. I work with players of all the instruments in the orchestra, our classical training gives us some very special challenges as well as advantages, and it's useful to view our training through a creative lens.  In my case, the cello has been a lifelong companion in my discovery of music, soul expression, stylistic explorations, and composition and I'm ready to share what I've learned.

Not everyone can attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, so I offer three workshops each summer in my hometown of Bellows Falls, Vermont described above,  just and click on the links for more info and registration.

I also offer workshops and lessons around my concert dates all over the world, please join my email list and stay posted to my tour dates - let me know if you’d like to schedule a class or a lesson when I’m near you.

Another option is private online lessons, a really effective way to suggest new practice workouts that fit your goals and to monitor your progress. When you're ready to reinvent your playing and your repertoire please email me for more information: (Check the store for lesson options:/store)

I hope to see you in Vermont, online, or at a concert!"




Participants Comment:

“Eugene's String Institute was the best pure music-making I have experienced in many years. His openness, depth of knowledge, and mastery of the cello led everyone to unlock doors to personal expression that will stay open for a long time. This weekend was a gift.”  

- Crispin Campbell,  
Interlochen Arts Academy, MI  


“I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to conduct our District 2 orchestra this past weekend. It was a real honor to work with someone of your talent and get the chance to see you perform live. Hope to see you in Maine again soon and I love your new album!”  

- Dana, South Paris, ME  


“Eugene, thank you so much for spending just that little amount of time working with me and the others in your master class at Camp Allegro, we all really appreciated it. The things you taught me, even in so little time have inspired me beyond what I could even imagine on my cello. My playing has improved tremendously, I cannot wait till I have the honor to meet with you again. Till then, play on and be brilliant!”  

- Audra, Wichita, KS  


“Oh, I see how this works.  
Yesterday you couldn't get me to play a solo, and today you can't get me to stop!”  

- Janet Haarvig, cellist, composer,  
Proctor, MT