From the recording In Harmony

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2. SHEPHERDS FROM THE DAYS OF YORE - lyrics by Elizabeth Rogers, original Harmonist melody, arr. Friesen/Ray
Elizabeth Rogers, voice; Eugene Friesen, cello; Tim Ray, piano; Rhonda Larson, flute.

This is a song that was included in the Harmonist’s 1817 Christmas Cantata, the composers were likely J.C. Mueller, Frederick Rapp, and/or Frederick Eckensperger. Elizabeth Rogers created English lyrics freely translated from a variety of German texts, including lines from K.W. Ramler (1725-1798).

Shepherds from the days of yore
Flute and harp be sounding evermore.
When your joy infuses your days
Work becomes an offering of praise.

Sing Noël and sound the chorus
Winter's yule log blazing high before us,
Cherubim and Seraphim,
Listening to our Solstice hymn.

In this world of care and strife
Sing we now of God's eternal life.
Songs of Praise turn back the fall,
Peace on earth, goodwill toward all.