From the recording In Harmony

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5. CHILDREN OF FRIENDSHIP – words and music by Frederick Rapp (1775-1834), English translation by Jacob Henrici and J.S. Duss, arr. Friesen/Ray

Elizabeth Rogers, voice; Eugene Friesen, cello; Rhonda Larson, flute; Tim Ray, piano.

The values of tolerance and love were espoused as core to the Harmonists, and this song was a true favorite, sometimes sung spontaneously by work parties of women and children. There is ample contemporary evidence of the unusual air of peace in Harmony - this song captures an innocence of spirit while reminding us of our roles in hosting the “Angel of Friendship.”

Children of friendship and love lift your voices,
Sing the sweet bond that uplifts and rejoices;
Joyfully sounding divine friendship’s praises,
Join the great hymn the angelic host raises.
In grateful homage to heavenly love,
Swing your glad hearts to the ether above.

Lo from the throne there the bright fountain gushes;
Through the wide heavens the crystal flood rushes;
Pure holy friendship, from sun to sun streaming,
Filling all space with its blessed mild beaming.
Love rules the universe: through it alone
Can real blessedness ever be known.

Angel of Friendship, abide with us ever,
Comfort and guide us; abandon us never;
Fill every spirit with good will to others;
Grant us in friendship and love to be brothers.
Hate and Suspicion, depart from our ways!
Angel of Friendship we bring thee our praise!